Dafi feat. Mr Shammi – Island in the Sun “OUT NOW”

Dafi feat Mr Shammi - Island in the sun

An island is normally reached by plane or ship. If you hear some shouts in the intro of the new Darius & Finlay single – like „ship ahoi“ or „yeah, we gonna sail away“, it seems the guys will be ready for the sea to catch an island in the sun. But there are some other ships in the world, too….. which one? See the video!

Beside the awesome musical co-operation with Mr. Shammi, Darius & Finlay prove that they have a good portion of humor. You can see the big joy Darius & Finlay had, when they shot their scenes.

Far from naked ass & boobs stereotypes, the guys fight their way through the video very brave. What could be better to hear this catchy tune, during watching crazy & funny stuff made by the guys?

Ready for the island?

Don’t forget to watch the „making of“…. really funny;-)

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